Mlmotsho School Project
Esigondini District

Mlmotsho school garden has been running since 2015. They have one well and need it converted from manual to solar powered in order to sustain all of the people and crops it is used for.

The Mlmotsho school garden was started in 2015. It is mainly to generate school income. Up to 100 families are supposed to volunteer to help make the garden a success. Right now, we have about 15 volunteer families. We have one water well here that 40 families (400 people) drink from.

The garden is located at Mlomotsha School of Excellence. The school is located at Mlomoliwoto village in
Ward 5 of Umzingwane district in the Matebeleland province in Zimbabwe. It is about halfway between Bulawayo City and Gwanda Township (the biggest towns in Matebeleland). There are other small towns such as Esigodini, Esibomvu and Mawabeni that the garden will service. Currently the farms around Bulawayo are not able to satisfy the city’s vegetable needs. Vegetables are being shipped from as far as Harare and South Africa.

Their needs at the moment include converting the water well from manual to solar powered and laying
irrigation equipment in the farm.

What We Need

Solar Power

Irrigation Equipment


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