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Gwanda North

This area is in desperate need of a well as it is drought prone. Conditions look suitable for underground water to be available once the well is drilled. There are many opportunities for marketing produce once crops and animals are a sustainable resource here.

This project was started on the 13th of August, 2021. They are a group of 15 members from the village: 12 women and 3 men who share the same vision of working hard in their garden to achieve financial freedom and self reliance.

The current threat is that the area is drought prone and there is a perennial problem of water shortage. They don't have a well here, but are in dire need of one. They would have loved to sink the well in August 2021 mainly because the water table would have gone down to allow us a good depth and also to allow us good planning. If we manage to sink the well, not only will our project benefit, but roughly 60 villagers in the community including two schools will benefit in terms of drinking water.

The project is situated in Nkwidze village in Matshetshe area in Gwanda District. From the main Bulawayo-Gwanda tarred road you turn off at Stanmore and face the East. From Stanmore which is a business center 98 km from Bulawayo, you use a dust road for about 32 km to Nkwidze business center where they are located. They are just 800m from the business centre at the foot of a mountain named Mhlawempi.
There is a huge market base for their produce here. The market is in the form of the community around the area, the schools, the business centre itself and Gwanda town which is not far away.

Presently they are doing their gardening in a field that they borrowed from one of their members. They have plenty of idle land at their disposal and feel that as a project they should grow. They need a fence to keep their own field seperate from the land around them. Also given a chance they would love to rear a sizeable herd of goats and cattle since the area is conducive for animal production too. It seems as though they do have spots where there could be underground water available as well, but they neither have the means or the money to survey or site the water.

What We Need

Needs clean water ground well



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