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Nkayi District

150 villagers in need of fresh drinking water and to develop their gardens to prepare for crops.

This project began on the 23rd day of September in 2019. The garden is located 40km to the south of the Nkiya district. Originally, we had 55 people on the ground, helping move everything along. We now have 35 active helpers. Sizalobuhle has 150 villagers in need of fresh water to drink and to develop their gardens to prepare for crops. The garden will contain vegetables like chomolia, tomatoes, okra and paprika. In order to sustain this developing community, we are in need of two wells.
 In order to get this project off the ground we will need to establish borehole drills, a garden fence, an animal and crop fence, shed for educational purposes, drip tubs and watering buckets. 

Sizalobuhle has had some difficult circumstances lately. With previous attempts at building a well coming up dry, we are resurveying the area and attempting to find a more suitable location so that they can start preparing for planting season.


What We Need

Two Clean Water Ground Wells



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