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2020 Annual Report

Intuba End of the year Report: Year 2020:

Year 2020 has been a year that turned out to be a surprise year. Covid 19 pandemic engulfed the whole world in a short space of time. This changed the whole Intuba’s dynamic of the business of the year. There was lockdown which closed businesses and churches as well. Our donors were affected to an extent of closer. It became hard to ask for the program donations because of the effects of the Corona Virus.

The lockdown presented an opportunity for projects to prosper on the ground. During the lockdown people spent more time in the gardens. The gardens did very well but most of the produce went to waste because there was no market. The most affected project was the Dibutibu Community Garden in Victoria Falls. They planted with the hope that the Hotels will be in full operation by July-August 2020. The hotels are their market. It turned out that the hotel business was at its lowest. Most of their produce were spoiled. The other active projects ran at a loss as well. Their market is usually boosted by the diaspora workers who frequently visits to their original countries. The lockdowns completely restricted cross boarder traveling. As a result, the sales went down.


In conjunction with Turning Matebeleland Green Organization, Intuba was able to sponsor 10 garden leaders from five different gardens to go train at TMG college in November 2020. This was a great success for Intuba in 2020. The farmers were motivated to do better in 2021 season. This brings the number to 18 farmers trained in two years. We are looking forward to train more farmers from new starting gardens in 2021. Training is the key to the success and development of every project. Plans are that after Covid 19 Pandemic, we do in house training as well through organized workshops and all project leaders visiting the most successful project to learn from each other.


There were not many activities because of Covid 19 Pandemic that restricted funding and traveling. Four mission trips were put on hold for the whole year. No in person fund raising events took place. Despite all the challenges above, Intuba was able to organize and drill a water well at Mkombo Community Garden in Lower Gwelo Zimbabwe.  Mkombo was desperately in need of water after their pound dried up in October 2020. Both people and livestock had to walk 7 kilometers to the next water source. All the garden produce dried out completely. Mkombo is one of the fastest growing projects in Zimbabwe with 55 Raised Beds with Bucket Drip Irrigation System. One other progress is that this water well was fitted with solar pumping. This was because of three reasons:

 a) The well is 85 meters deep and has too much water good for a submissive pump.

 b) The garden is already big enough to qualify for a solar pump.

 c) It turned out to be cheaper to install a solar pump initially rather than fitting a hand pump after some time we replace it with a solar pump.

Overall, all existing gardens and water wells performed very well in 2020.

Future Projections:

  1. Intuba has a bright future depending on consistent funding of the organization. During this pandemic, the organization grew 75% overall. The requests from the ground are unprecedented. At the moment, there is need for 10 water wells as a matter of urgence. Intuba needs to raise $70,000.00 to service the 10 water wells. Thank you to all the donors who have donated so far $27,000.00 of the $70,000.00 projected in 2021. For donations please visit

  2. Train 20 more farmers in 2021 and run inhouse workshops to build capacity.

  3. Open and staff the Intuba Office in Bulawayo Zimbabwe

  4. Seek market for the garden projects.

  5. Better organize the planting patterns of all Intuba Projects.

  6. Source funds to purchase a T35 Mazda truck that will bring produce of all gardens to market.


Intuba board wishes to thank all the donors who continue to believe on Intuba Mission of fighting poverty through agriculture projects. This has made a great impact to the needy communities in Southern Africa. There is future for the Organization to grow and impact many more communities. Looking forward to a better 2021. It is our prayer that everyone stays safe. We pray for those who are sick and those who have lost the loved ones to this corona virus. 

Thank you for your donations and continued support.

Submitted by:

Raphael Mthombeni

Founder & President: Intuba Inc.

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