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Join us in bringing the three necessities of

community life to Sub-Saharan Africa...

Love, Hope, and Water.



What We Do

At Intuba we are dedicated to empowering rural African communities by equipping, training, and supporting local men and women to be the solution to their own community's nutritional and economic needs.

First, the communities need access to clean and sustainable water sources. Once the water is available, the drip bed irrigation farming techniques create better crop yields, bringing more food and the opportunity to sell crop surplus for profit and build a thriving community.

Envisioning a world where every community has access to the most basic needs of life.

Clean water and nutritious food.

It Starts With the Will to Make a Difference

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Raised Bed Gardens
And Drip Irrigation

The first step for any community is to build a raised bed garden. Once the raised beds are built, a drip irrigation system is installed, and connected to buckets that are filled manually.


Drill Wells For Clean Drinking Water

Once a community has proven their commitment to the maintenance of a garden, a geological survey is conducted and we drill for underground water. Running water taps are installed to cut down the wait time that manually pumping the water would create.

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Solar Power
And Electricity

A solar pump is installed at the well site so that the garden can be automatically watered. This means that the garden can expand and produce enough to sell at the market as well as feed the local population. The solar power also provides a reliable source of electricity for remote communities.


“Everything that is done in the world is done by hope”

Martin Luther

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